All About Me !

Hey, My name is Tara and Welcome to my life :)

This is me :) 

I am 18 years old currently and I am in college studying ICT in the Second year. My favourite colour is Green and my favourite animal is Rabbits if you cant tell by my top :P

I am living with my mum, her boyfriend and my two sisters and also my cute fluffy dog blaze :)

This is blaze :) 

I have recently became a Christian and I was baptised on the 23rd of December 2012

I have many friends and I love them all :)

and .. I think I have 1 more thing to say :)

I love my boyfriend ever so much, Kieran is my everything, we have been together for over 1 year & months and he has been my 1 true everything through my times of trouble.

Me and Kieran :)
I think that's all for introductions :)

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